Professional Learning Opportunities

Summer is only hours away, and for some, professional learning may not be at the front of mind as they recuperate from a hectic year-end. Others are getting set to begin or continue their work in pursuit of a master’s degree or to further their knowledge by attending courses or conferences. Regardless of what type of reading is on the arm of your beach chair this summer, let's hope that it is meaningful and/or enjoyable. In the meantime, there are some opportunities for summer learning and information about fall PD that you should know.

Summer PD opportunities:

Developing Successful Schools (DSS) is set to go July 2nd to 5th in Sackville, NB on the campus of Mount Allison. For those that are not familiar with DSS,it is an annual joint effort from the PEITF, NBTA, NSTU,and NLTA focusing on school leadership. While this institute typically attracts school or system administrators, it is open to anyone interested in school leadership. DSS gives participants to go deep in their learning on a given topic and always reviews very well by participants. This year's facilitator is Kristin R. Anderson, author of Data Teams Success Stories Volume 1, Real-Time Decisions. At this year’s event, Kristin will lead participants to learn about the many benefits to fostering one's belief in their own capabilities. Participants will examine strategies to use to increase their self-­efficacy, and receive tools to embed these concepts into their daily practice to fully unleash their personal power as well as the beliefs of those they lead.


CONTACT (Conference on New Techniques and Classroom Teaching) is another annual summer learning opportunity for teachers planned jointly by PEITF, NBTA, NSTU, and NLTA and which rotates through the Atlantic provinces. This year's stop is the 40th anniversary of the event and is being held in Saint John, N B. CONTACT features sessions facilitated by classroom teachers and keynotes from educational leaders in the local communities. This year's themes center around global competencies, using drama in teaching, and using stories to change the world with concurrent sessions on educational technology for the classroom, music for wellness in the classroom, transformative learning, and civics education. Add to that a great social program with opportunities for networking with teachers from across the region, and you will find a great learning experience. PEITF has grants available to cover the costs of this event! Why not grab a colleague and come learn in Saint John this summer?

The New Memorandum and PD:

During this last round of negotiations, changes were made that you should be aware of regarding what used to be known as Alternate PD for the joint staff days. Now known as "Self­ Directed" PD, the new memorandum makes a slight, but important change in how teachers apply for these types of activities. The new memorandum reads:
"One Teacher may complete the application in Appendix D for a group of Teachers involved in the same self-directed professional development activity. A group application must include the names of each Teacher participating in the activity, and the application shall be signed by each in acknowledgment of her/his consent to participate."
This change will take effect for the Joint Staff day for December 5th, 2019. A reminder for those that will be applying for self-directed PD applications must be received at least fifteen (15) days before the date of the activity.

September 4th Joint Staff Day:

This past year, on September 5th, one of the Joint Staff days was placed at the beginning of the school year prior to students beginning. The Joint Staff Day, could not be flipped in the calendar, and no other tasks or meetings were to be scheduled or assigned on the Joint Staff Day. From the feedback we had received, this was viewed positively amongst teachers, and we are pleased that this will be happening again in the fall on September 4th. Just a reminder that there will not be sessions planned for this day, but teachers can meet with other teachers if they so choose. It also should be noted that mileage will not be paid for this day.

PEITF Annual Convention:

The PEITF Annual Convention Planning Committee has been hard at work in planning for this year's event. Look for information on keynotes and sessions this fall for the 2019 PEITF Annual Convention - "Looking in, Reaching Out."

Have a great summer,