Putting a Bow on PD

As I write this, we are a month removed from Annual Convention. With a November filled with other PD days, meetings, and storms, it seems that it took the turning of the calendar to have the opportunity to reflect on what has been a busy month of Professional Learning.

Thank you to those that completed the surveys regarding the professional learning offered by the Federation either in whole (Annual Convention) or in-part (Joint Staff day). The information shared in the evaluations is reviewed by the committees tasked with putting together the programs for their respective events. These committees consider these suggestions and make changes where possible.

One such suggestion, made a few years back, was to reduce the amount of paper we use for the Annual Convention. As a result, we have moved to an online app. Along with other positive features, using the app has allowed us to reduce the number of "at a glance" brochures printed from 2500 in 2014 to 1000 this year. We do recognize that many teachers do not have another app on their phones, or may not have a smartphone, but overall, using an app for the convention has been received positively. The planning committee will soon dig into the evaluations to decide on the use of the app for future conventions. When planning an event such as the Annual Convention, many moving parts are considered, and your Annual Convention planning committee works hard to find sessions that teachers will find beneficial. We do try our best to provide at least one session per time slot of interest to grade level groupings, with a focus on new teaching methods, pedagogy, current trends, or wellness. We are always looking for suggestions on speakers. A few suggestions for sessions at 2019's event have been received and noted through the evaluations and by email.

That being said, some of the highest rated sessions are those that are done by classroom teachers. Teachers genuinely appreciate sessions led by their peers that live the shared experience of teaching on Prince Edward Island. The problem is, these teachers are often humble and do not feel that what they are doing is special or deserving. This makes these expert teachers often hard to find.

The PEITF is seeking individuals that are willing to share their skills for professional learning activities such as annual convention, professional learning days and summer learning opportunities (i.e. CONTACT). Generally, these sessions do come with some remuneration, and in the case of CONTACT, a chance to attend the conference for free!

If you would like to be considered as a possible presenter for a PD day activity or know an administrator, teacher, coach, or consultant, that you feel would facilitate a great learning opportunity, please send that name along. You will find a link on the front page of the PEITF Website.

I wish you and yours all the best this Christmas season