Group Insurance Updates

Teachers who have Medavie Blue Cross coverage under the PEITF Plan should be aware that there is usually no need to purchase additional travel insurance. However, limitations and exclusions relating to pre-existing medical conditions do apply. Please be sure to carefully review the details of the ‘Travel Health Benefits-Out of Province/Out of Country’ on pages 44 to 46 of your booklet prior to travelling to determine whether these apply to you. The booklet can be found on the PEITF website. Services provided to monitor, stabilize or continue the treatment of any existing medical condition are not covered. Whether or not you do purchase additional travel insurance is your decision.

In the event that services are required while travelling, please contact the 24 hour World Wide Assistance Company, at the numbers indicated on the reverse of your Medavie Blue Cross/Johnson Inc. card. Toll free in Canada or the USA at 1-800-563-4444. In other countries, call collect 506-854-2222. The World Wide Assistance Company can verify your coverage, establish a claim for you and assist you with payment arrangements for eligible services.

Please be aware that this travel insurance is only for medical emergencies which might occur while travelling. It is not a cancellation insurance, it does not cover extra expenditures incurred by cancelled, missed or delayed flights, lost luggage, etc. The phone number for Medavie Blue Cross is toll free at 1-800-667-4511. A customer service representative would be happy to address any inquiries which may arise, including those regarding pre-existing medical conditions. If you have a concern/question regarding your coverage, you may call Federation House, 902-569-4157 or toll free, 1-800-903-4157 or Johnson Inc. at 902-628-3537 or toll free 1- 800-371-9516.