Coronavirus Infection (COVID-19) Update

If the Government of PEI or the Government of Canada is requiring (through legislation, or regulated order) that a teacher is to be quarantined, once they return home from travel, they would be granted leave with pay.

On a without prejudice basis, if a teacher gets quarantined by another body (ie. Foreign Government) in a different country (or cruise ship), a teacher would be allowed to use their sick days.

For clarity, this does not include a decision to self-quarantine.

If teachers are traveling as a chaperone on a PSB sanctioned trip and are quarantined, they would be granted leave with pay.

Yesterday, Dr. Heather Morrison, Chief Public Health Officer, released a memo regarding March Break travel and the COVID19 Virus that may be accessed at the link below:

The PEI Government’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) information page is updated regularly as information changes. Check the site frequently while you are home and away for important COVID-19 updates and instructions. See link below.

The Government of Canada’s COVID-19 website is also a helpful resource of up to date information. See link below.

Should you have questions regarding your personal health insurance coverage for travel, please contact Johnson Insurance. 902-628-3537.

PEITF continues to monitor the situation and will you notify should things change.