Latest COVID-19 UPDATE (March 13, 2020)

Dear Teachers,

Today at noon there was a press conference put on by PEI’s Chief Health Officer (CHO). A press release followed as well.

In that regard, teachers should take note that travel outside of Canada, including the United States, is not “recommended” at this time.

For those teachers who are already out of the country, and for those who choose to not follow the recommendations from the Chief Public Health Office, please be aware that you will be “required” to self-isolate for 14 days following your return.

Self-isolation is briefly described at the link below

The PEITF strongly recommends that any teacher who is required to self-isolate does not go into her/his school, for any reason, during that self-isolation period. Similar to other things a teacher may need, or feel that she/he needs, the teacher should ask others to deliver anything that she/he wants from the school.

Teachers who will be required to self-isolate should contact General Secretary, Shaun MacCormac, by email ( We are currently in a disagreement over what type of leave these teachers will be granted. More information will follow on this.

As you are likely aware, things are changing by the hour in regards to COVID-19. We are doing our best to keep up-to-date on all of this and we will continue to update you as soon as we know anything that has materially changed.

In that regard, schools have NOT been closed following the March Break, but that situation is also being monitored and is subject to change as new information is gathered by the Chief Health Officer.

Hang in there and do your best to enjoy your March Break.