Update on COVID-19, March 17, 2020

The Prince Edward Island Teachers' Federation continues to work through challenges and changes created by the COVID-19 outbreak. PEITF President Aldene Smallman stated, "The Federation is taking this public health threat seriously. We are concerned for our members, their students, and all families. We hope that everyone, including the general public, can stay healthy or can recover from the coronavirus if infected."

The PEITF is directing members to follow information and recommendations from both Canada's and PEI's Chief Public Health Officers. "We are encouraging our members to do their part to help 'flatten the curve.' The Federation is very mindful and appreciative of those who are providing essential services through all of this", said Smallman.

Smallman further emphasized the need to keep members safe and informed. "There are constant and rapid changes hour by hour relating to COVID-19. Teachers have many questions and concerns about the impact these changes could have on them, their families, and their students. We are doing our best to find answers to help alleviate those concerns and stresses."

The Federation is working with the Department and the education authorities to figure out how the education of students will progress. Smallman stated, "Teachers have always done what they can to provide support to students and their families, and this will continue. The details of what that might look like are still in development, and we will consult with the two education authorities to come up with practical solutions, where possible."

The Federation is supportive of the proactive approach that our Government is taking at this time. Smallman noted, "This is an unprecedented public health issue, and we all need to listen to both expert advice and the stories from countries that are well into this pandemic. We will work through all of this together."