Substitute Teachers and Part-Time Teachers Who Rely on Substitute Work

Dear Substitute Teachers and Part-Time Teachers Who Rely on Substitute Work:

We have been in contact with the PSB and the Department of Education and Lifelong Learning to discuss the financial implications of COVID-19 related school closures for teachers who rely on substitute teaching for income. At this point, we don't have anything concrete to report from those discussions, but we continue to advocate on your behalf. The PSB has told us that they will be in contact with you soon.

The Canadian Teachers' Federation reached out to the Federation earlier this week in preparation for its meeting with the Commissioner for Workers of Employment and Social Development Canada. We communicated to the CTF that our immediate concerns were for day-to-day substitute teachers, particularly those who are unable to qualify for regular EI because of a lack of insurable hours, as well as the inability to build hours moving forward and the timelines for ROEs. We also expressed concern for part-time teachers who supplement their income through substitute teaching but may not qualify for EI through the regular EI program. There were other questions and concerns raised, as well. We are hopeful that these concerns were taken into consideration as we await communication from the CTF regarding this meeting.

We are also in close contact with our counterparts across Canada, in particular the other Atlantic Provinces, as we all have a common concern with the financial implications that school closures have on substitute teachers.

In the meantime, we have compiled a list of both Federal and Provincial Government announcements. The details of how these programs will integrate have yet to be released by those governments.

PEI - Financial Support for workers who have experienced a significant reduction in their hours:

Employers will be filling out the application to help identify their workers who have experienced a significant reduction in their work hours. Once the employer's application is approved, this temporary financial support will be provided directly to affected workers through their employers and their regular payroll process. More details and how to apply for the Emergency Relief Worker Assistance Program will be available on the provincial government website on Monday.

Federal: Here's how to apply for EI and the new COVID-19 Emergency Benefit:

Federal: Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) - Benefits and Services:

We understand that these unprecedented times have a significant impact on substitute teachers. We wish we had all the answers right now, but unfortunately, as the situation evolves and changes, getting answers has been difficult. Rest assured, however, that we will continue to advocate on your behalf.

If you have questions about either the Provincial of Federal Government programs, it would be best to contact them directly, as we are not in a position to advise on their programs. If you have a question related to the MOA, or your rights as a substitute teacher, please feel free to email one of the professional staff members. Their email contact information is available at:

We appreciate your patience during what we know is a challenging and stressful time. Each of the stakeholders is working on several issues simultaneously. Offices are closed, which makes communications and coordinated work even more challenging. On top of that, every day brings about changes that need to be addressed and accommodated.

We will be in touch when information comes available. We continue to urge you to follow Dr. Heather Morrison and her recommendations. Please take care.